About Us

Oman’s most valued real estate agents

Mumtalakat Alkhonji, a part of the Alkhonji Group, has been providing property solutions since 1920; expanding its range of services to stay relevant with the Sultanates growing population. We are proud to be one of the leading real estate companies offering sales, leasing and management of the group's commercial and residential property portfolio.


As a family business, we understand that both families and businesses come in all shapes and sizes; we believe in finding the right property solution for you. Whether you are looking to lease residential or commercial property, purchase a new home or utilize our management services for your own property portfolio, our team of professionals are available to meet all your property needs.


We raise the standard in the way we do things. You can leave it all to us and be assured that the journey to your home will be professional in its approach, convenient in its process, transparent in its procedure and reliable in its outcome. We look forward to being your service provider.

As a customer focused real estate agency, we promise to deliver you an expansive range of rent at services across various sectors, and trust that we will do our best to help you find the perfect property solution.


Our progress is all thanks to you.


Our vision is to be your go to choice for property solutions, the one good enough to refer to your family and Together, we grow.


We believe that the success of every great company is the product of individual talents. It is our mission to have the best people in the right roles, enabling us to better serve you the customer, paving the way towards a delightful and ongoing partnership with us.


We understand that change is inevitable and we continue to use and implement new processes and technologies to achieve progress; embracing new ideas with an open mind as building blocks of improvement and providing you the best experience possible.


Real progress only happens through working together, and we pride ourselves in maintaining a team spirit of connectedness and inclusiveness between our employees and within our organization for the benefit of all. Our shared goals continue to strengthen the relationships between us; developing trust, establishing commitments and rising above and beyond in our efficiency.


Our future is secured by you, and we are committed to ensuring you have reliable, sustainable solutions that are efficient, convenient and able to meet all of your needs today and tomorrow. We think ahead; employing long term strategies to help secure a long term future.

Mumtalakat is an Arabic word which means ‘ownership’ or ‘belonging to’. As a name, we hope that your home will always feel like your own.


Let us explain - home is a special place to you. It is where your day begins and where it ends. It is your refuge in the storm, your eye within the hurricane. Your prayer times, your breakfasts and dinner times. Home is the mirror to your soul and a window to your moments, an extension of your personality, and a doorway to your wellbeing. It is where you plant trees and the roots from which you grow from. We understand that home is your sacred space, your retreat, your everyday.
So when you say the word Mumtalakat, what comes to mind is exactly that:


It is yours.

We love Oman, with its diverse landscapes of dune and desert, mountain scape and river barbed oasis. Framed within some 3165 km of coastline along the Arabian Sea; we know you will always find a view here. Our properties span a range as diverse as it's stunning landscape; aiming to accommodate different budgets and expectations within and around the capital of Muscat. Charming and yet humble, traditional and yet open minded, the Sultanate is home to a population of - from various places around world. Let it be a home to you.